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What to expect from your Boudoir shoot

A boudoir shoot can be a very daunting thought for most people. So it’s my hope that this guide will be useful to you for preparing and reassuring you of the experience you can expect when working with me.

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Thinking about a boudoir shoot?

A boudoir shoot is undertaken for various reasons, a self-confidence boost to a very personalised and unique gift for your partner. Whatever your motivation, choosing a boudoir photographer can be as daunting as the shoot itself.

As with most services, there is always the ‘price vs quality’ issue. Like all other photography genres, cheap prices do not always result in images you are going to rave about. And similarly, high prices don’t always equate great images.

So make sure you check out the photographer’s portfolio. Look at their social media / online presence. Look for online references. Ask them if it’s possible to get in touch with a previous customer for a reference (especially true if you are a woman and the photographer is a male).

Probably the most important consideration you need to take into account when considering a boudoir shoot is, “Do I like their style of photography and editing?”.

Another important question to ask the photographers you are considering, is how they provide the images to you. Some only provide prints, which means if you want copies down the road, you have to pay again. Some provide reduced resolution digitial files. I provide you with high resolution images that you could use to print a4 sized prints from if you so desired.

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Choose me!

Following your booking confirmation, I will give you a call to discuss your requirements (assuming this hasn’t taken place prior to booking) and purpose of the shoot (for you / for your partner). During this call I will welcome and encourage you to ask any questions you may have and if you haven’t already read this blog post, I will direct you here.

Pose gallery

I will follow up this call with a ‘Prepare for your shoot’ email which will include a link to my ‘Pose gallery’. This gallery contains several images from my past shoots. I will request that you select at LEAST 10 poses that you like from this gallery. This serves 3 purposes:

  1. It allows you to ‘practise’ at home. Posing doesn’t come naturally to everyone so by selecting these initial poses it will give you focus and something to aim for. It will also allow you to know if the pose is something you can actually achieve, and/or, is complimentary for you. It’s important to bear in mind that boudoir photography is not purely about the body pose, but also a lot to do with your facial expressions. Knowing how to look ‘sultry’, ‘sexy’, ‘teasing’ etc. So it’s not purely body posing you need to practise!

  2. It gives me an idea of the sort of images you are looking for and can, therefore, suggest other similar poses during our shoot.

  3. It gives us an initial ‘shot list’. We will begin our shoot by working through your pose choices. This means that our first 10 images, you have already practised! The hope is that it is then less daunting a prospect for you because you have already perfected these poses at home. By the time we have worked through your pose choices, I generally find that my clients are far more relaxed and enjoying the experience. The rest of the time then becomes a breeze.

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My studio experience

Currently, I offer my boudoir photoshoots from my home studio in Haverhill, UK. I have a room dedicated as a boudoir set if my client is seeking a more traditional (and true) boudoir style photoshoot. There is also a studio setup which allows for ‘fine art nude’ type shoots for those clients who like this style.

I understand that the thought of turning up at a male photographers house may be a scary thought to most woman, so I encourage you to bring a friend or partner (assuming the shoot is not for their benefit) with you to ease any concerns you may have.

I do recommend, but do not insist on, that your chaperone doesn’t actually accompany us into the shooting area. This is simply because of past experience in that they become a distraction to you. And in some cases can prevent you being totally relaxed.

In addition, if you opt to include a Hair and Makeup artist (I work with 2 different ladies) then she will be present throughout the shoot to assist with any clothing issues, makeup and hair touch ups etc. She will also assist you with any fine tuning of poses.

On the day – schedule of events

On arrival I will welcome you to the studio and give you a quick tour of the areas we will be shooting in, changing rooms etc.

I’ll then offer you a hot or cold drink which will give us an opportunity to have a quick chat to confirm everything we have previously discussed and agreed. This also gives you an opportunity to ask any final questions you may have and to relax into the environment.

OPTIONAL: If you have opted to include a HMUA (hair and makeup artist) with your shoot, either Jodie or Alia will set to work on you. This process takes between 60 – 90 minutes.

We will then proceed with the shoot.

After the shoot, I will make the images available in a private album from which you can make your chosen number of selections. I will edit one image from our shoot to give you an idea of what the finished product will look like. Because it can take several hours to edit EACH image, I will not edit all images at this stage.

I generally provide at least a couple (usually 3 – 5) of versions of the sample edited image and will ask you to confirm your preferred edit. This will then be used when editing your choices.

Your choices are delivered to you electronically via the same private album on my website within 1 week of your choice confirmation. If you have requested prints, please allow a further 2 weeks from the digital delivery.

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At your home experience

If you have requested an at home shoot the schedule of events is as follows:

Before the shoot

I will request that you send me photographs of the intended area to be used for the shoot. Where possible, it is important that these images are taken around the same time as your scheduled shoot. This is important so that I can get a feel for any natural light that may be available to us to work with. So when taking these images, please ensure your curtains are open.

On the day schedule of events (essentially the same schedule as a shoot at my studio the only differences being:)

Upon arrival and after formal introductions I will ask to be shown to the room / area we have agreed the shoot will take place in. I will then proceed to do light measurements and setup the studio lighting if required.

OPTIONAL: If you have opted to include an HMUA with your shoot, either Jodie or Alia will begin your makeover whilst I set up the lighting (assuming you’re in eyeshot of where I’m setting up or you have some remaining faith in humanity).


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