Pricing & Information

I don't believe in complex pricing structures and various packages etc. So to keep things as simple as possible, here are the fees for a boudoir shoot. 


Shoot fee: £100 for a 1-hour shoot.

An hour shoot will give you sufficient time to change into a second outfit should you wish too. 


Image prices:


Images are prices based on quantity purchased as follows:


1 - 5 images @ £30 each

6 - 10 images @ £27.50 each

11 - 15 images @ £25 each

16+ images @ £20 each


Hair and makeup artist
Should you require a hair and makeup artist for your shoot, this will be an additional £80


100% Money Back Guarantee

In the unlikely event you are not happy with the resulting images, and choose not to buy any, you will be refunded your shoot fee in FULL!

Please note, that I am unable to refund the costs of the hair and makeup artist if you have opted to have one involved in your shoot. 

What to Expect

For many people, the thought of a boudoir shoot, whilst it may seem appealing, fills them with dread. The thought of posing in front of a stranger in your underwear (or less if that's your chosen style). A male stranger no less!


So for what it's worth, let me try and put your mind at ease.


I have been a photographer for over 40 years now. For some 10 years did photography gigs as a sideline hobby alongside my career in IT. I am a father to two teenage sons and pride myself on my character, professionalism, and friendliness. 

I can assure you that you will not find another photographer with more love for what they do! Whether it's headshots, weddings, corporate events, newborn babies or indeed boudoir photography, each time a client is in front of me, I'm aiming to better my previous shoot.

But You're A Male Photographer!

That is exactly what I thought and said when a female friend of mine asked me to do a boudoir shoot for her. I asked her is she wouldn't be more comfortable with a female photographer, and the response I got was, "Who knows what looks sexy to a man better than a man?". She also stated, that having known me for many years, that she didn't want anyone else doing the shoot for her. 


Since this initial shoot, I have undertaken many boudoir shoots, 9/10 of them were for clients that had NEVER undertaken a boudoir shoot before. Feedback from all my clients is that they very quickly felt comfortable with me and were able to relax and enjoy their shoot. 

Do You Provide Any Hints & Tips?

Yes, absolutely! 

Once you have paid your deposit to secure your shoot booking, I will send a confirmation email to you which will contain links to several items including a pose gallery for you to browse through, a 'Do's and Don'ts' list and I'll be available for any questions you may have leading up to your shoot. 

It's important to me that you are as prepared as possible when you arrive for your shoot so that there is no unnecessary stress placed on you on the day.


For further information, check out my post on my Blog. 


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